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Spingle and Nigel Slater’s Oriental Fishcakes

“These are a bit of a BLW work-in-progress – they don’t hold together like potato type fishcakes, but they are lovely – the Nome liked them at lot, but I reckon they’d be better for older babies who are a bit less interested in the Jackson Pollock approach to eating. Anyway, adapted from Nigel Slater’s “Appetite”. I use 2 biggish fillets of rainbow trout to make enough for me, my husband and the Nome. The seasonings vary every time I make them, depending on what I’ve got in the house. I’d say coriander and lime were my favourite basics.

Put your choice of flavourings into a blender (if you have one! Pestle and mortar may work…). I wouldn’t use ALL of these, necessarily:
2 spring onions OR 1 shallot OR ½ an onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 or 2 chillies (I put these in after I’d mixed the rest and taken some out for Nome. You may be braver)
A couple of lime leaves or I stalk of lemongrass, outer leaves removed, and roughly chopped OR the zest of 1 lime
Thumb sized piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated
Handful of coriander leaves

Blend to a coarse sludge – I added a bit of lime juice first when making this for Nome, as I didn’t want her to get a sudden bite of ginger, say, so I wanted a smoother blend. Mix in a tablespoon of Thai fish sauce (I know it’s salty, but it’s really really good in this).

Empty this into a bowl. Roughly chop the fish, and then put it in the blender and blend to a coarse paste. Mix with the seasoning paste, and shape into small cakes, using floured hands. I think they’re probably best chilled for a while here, to help them hold together. Fry on both sides in vegetable oil or similar until golden brown.

I tried to make sticky coconut rice with this – wasn’t sticky enough, so our kitchen floor was covered, but what she did get it she seemed to enjoy.

Would be grateful to hear of any modifications people make to make these more blw-friendly.”

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