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Soph's Oaty Fruity Biscuits

Wasn’t someone looking for an oat slice recipe? Ask and ye shall recieve, my BLWing chums. I’m guessing that the oven temperature will be 180 degrees, that’s the usual for a biscuit.

“This is a good breakfast as it’s made of porridge and I also give it to my daughter as a snack. It’s also really handy if you ever made any Annabel Karmel purees and froze them and now have a freezer full of odd ice cubes that will make your Pimms taste weird this summer!

soaked apricots or prunes or figs
a litttle of the soaking juice (a tablespoon or so)
a teaspoon of melted butter
porridge oats/baby muesli

Puree the dried fruit with a little juice till it’s kind of mushy (or defrost icecube dried fruit purees from freezer!) mix in the oats and melted butter and cook it over a low heat for about three minutes to belend the ingredients together. Shape into biccy shapes, bake in oven on tray till just turning brown.

The fig ones are delicious, her dad thinks they’re better than chocolate McVities!”

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10 Responses to “Soph's Oaty Fruity Biscuits”

  1. Lisa says:

    Hi, I would love to try these – what sort of quantities do you use? thanks

  2. Janice says:

    Lisa: I’ve been doing a ration of 8 pieces of fruit to 1 Cup of oats, and this works really well. I also add in some seeds, nuts and spices.

  3. Janice says:

    whoops – ratio, not ration…

  4. lara says:

    Hi could someone shed some light on where ive gone wrong please haha!!! I couldnt find any figs or prunes in the juice – just pre soaked ones so when pureeing i added some water. The pureeing didnt go too well so as thought wudnt mind the lumps added it all to the butter. I ended up adding a lot of butter to try and get it to blend but still to no avail!! Ended up plonking it all in a cake tin to see if i can do anything once come out of the oven just feel ive wasted my ingredients!! Wanted a healthy easy snack to nibble on as have got rid of all my ‘naughty’ food x

  5. Alice says:

    I just made these and so chuffed!
    Lara, if any help I presoaked sultanas and apricots in boiling water (just enough to cover) overnight.
    I guess you could do the same with the figs or prunes? I then puréed them in the remaining water that hadn’t been absorbed. I didn’t need a lot of butter, I never measure anything, but honest, it didn’t look much!
    Little lad shall be having these for brekkie in the am, and probably every other snack for the next few days!
    I was hoping to freeze some as an experiment, as there are far too many!

  6. Terri says:

    Alot of biscuit dough/batters can be frozen to be baked at a later date, so it might be something to experiment with if the quantity you have is more than you want to cook in one batch. Maybe just roll into a “log” and wrap in plastic and freeze. then when you want to bake some more you can just slice off a couple of rounds and pop in the oven. I have only just gotten onto this site, so haven’t tried it myself. If anyone does, can they let me know how it goes? Thanks.

  7. lara says:

    Ok thanks for that will give that a go as the last lot we just ate as a granola type thing as all was like hard oats haha! How did u puree? With a food processer? X

    • Aitch says:

      with a masher, or a whizzy thing, i’d have thought. or a food processor, if you can be bothered to drag it out of the cupboard. if you stew pretty much any fruit for long enough it’ll be suitable, i reckon.

  8. Sharon says:

    I overdid my first attempt at these with prunes and raisins and had to do some trimming of the too crusty bits. Second attempt with figs, cooked correctly are just yummy!! Not sure I’d give up choc digestives for them though….

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