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Slightly Made-up Vegetarian Moussaka-ka-kaaaa – GF, VG, SFF

Make this, honestly, just make it. It’s sooooo nice. And this recipe generally makes too much sauce so there’s always some to freeze and serve to the baby with pasta shells on those days when the take-away menus are winking at you and you’d rather open your wrists than cook another family meal…

Okay, first things first I am a bit rubbish with measurements. What we’re aiming for with the sauce is a bolognese-y type consistency and apart from that I make this recipe when I find myself with a big tub of plain yoghurt to use up. It’s all storecupboard stuff. It looks like a lot of work but it isn’t, it’s just that I’m useless at writing recipes. 5 mins prep of the sauce and 30 mins cooking. Then walk away and leave it in the oven for 40-ish.

1/2 a pack of Puy lentils, (which I reckon is about 250g)
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1 or two carrots
1 or two sticks of celery
Some spices. Cinnamon or mixed spice is the type of thing. A good couple of heaped teaspoons
One can of plum tomatoes
Slosh of red wine, Marsala or Port, whatever’s in the cupboard.
Tablespoon of tomato puree
1 red pepper
1 aubergine
About half a big tub of plain yoghurt, (which again I think should be about 200-300g’s worth so a couple of wee tubs will also do the trick)
1 egg
Some mature cheddary cheese, if it’s mild it’ll taste a bit bleh in my humble opinion.

First make your bolognese-ish sauce, so chop and sweat your onions and garlic in a bit of olive oil, add the chopped carrot and celery and cook down a bit. Then add the spices and gently, gently, gently fry. Add more olive oil, be generous if you want to, it’s not like the rest of the recipe is high in fat. Rinse the lentils and fling them in, along with the tomatoes and good covering of water and simmer. I sometimes add a bay leaf as well if I remember.

While the sauce is cooking, stick a fork into the stalk of the red pepper and whack it onto the gas burner, turning it every so often as it blackens a bit. Put it in a plastic bag so the skin will steam off a bit and then rinse off the skin under a cold tap. If you can be bothered roasting it properly you could do that, but remember it doesn’t really need to cook, just sweeten a bit, as it’s going in the oven later.

It generally says on the pack that the lentils take 20 or so minutes to cook so at that point I taste the sauce and add the tomato puree and the booze to taste. I reckon another ten minutes or so makes the sauce nice and sludgy.

Meanwhile, finely, finely slice your aubergine and preheat your oven to 180 degrees. You can thickly slice it if you prefer but the bugger will take all day to cook.

I use a square dish about 30cm x 30cm and I lay out, not particularly neatly, a layer of aubergine and one of the sauce, with a few bits of pepper on it, then aubergine then sauce with pepper etc, finishing with a layer of aubergine. I reckon I normally get about three layers and have sauce left over.

Mix your yoghurt, egg and a good few handfuls of grated cheese and pour it onto the top of the dish and whack it into the oven for 40-45 mins or until the topping looks delish and a knife goes easily through the aubergine. The topping will slightly souffle up a bit and taste Amazing, I promise. It freezes well and is one of those things that tastes even better the next day as leftovers.

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8 Responses to “Slightly Made-up Vegetarian Moussaka-ka-kaaaa – GF, VG, SFF”

  1. Corinne says:

    Made this for tea tonight – deeeeeeelish! Will definitely do it again. Plus, I’m Weight Watchering at the moment and it’s jolly low in points too if you do it as 4 portions. Brilliant!

  2. Jean says:

    I made this last night and it was fantastic. I used a 9×11″ pyrex dish so I could have used more of the creamy topping (but had run out of yogurt). We are still enjoying the leftovers now!

    This is definitely going into the dinner rotation!

  3. Rachael says:

    My baby is 6months old this week and for the last couple of weeks I have been giving her tasters of stuff… Fruit, veg, toast, cheese, she’s even had some steak to chomp on…. I’m just this week starting to think about properly weaning her.. Or giving her more “meal” type stuff..
    I liked the sound of this recipe and just made it and now I’m a little worried that its too early for lentils and for this kind of recipe.. Moussaka.. Especially for her first “meal”
    Do you think 6 months is too early for this dish?
    I can freeze it if so and bring it out again in a month or so (it’s in the oven at the moment)

    • Aitch says:

      oooh, soz, i was on hols so didn’t see this at the time. how did it go? i think with lentils etc it all depends on the kid, although with that particular recipe (wot i made up) i wonder how easy it would be to grab at six months?

  4. Louise says:

    If you’re giving it to baby, make sure you leave out the alcohol.

  5. Tamara says:

    I think this is probably a stupid question, but if you were going to freeze it, do you freeze before you bake in the oven for the 45 mins, or can you freeze it at the end of the entire process??

    • Aitch says:

      Not stupid. I’ve done it afterwards, with leftovers, but if I was making in advance I might pre-cook for a bit with foil on and try to get it out before the top went brown. So then you could slowly reheat from defrosted and get the same effect? It’s a great recipe, that one, we love it.

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