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Rowan's 10-minute pizza recipe

Appearently this really does take 10 minutes… which makes it rather a handy little recipe to have at our disposal. I bet it would be good cold as well.

This is a really quick pizza, takes literally 10 minutes from entering the kitchen to putting in oven.

Make dough by mixing 4 parts self raising flour with 1 part butter and rubbing until you get breadcrumb type mixture. (it’s faster if you grate the butter straight from the fridge) – 4oz flour to 1 oz butter makes 3 small pizzas.

Slowly add about 50 ml milk a splash at a time and stirring with a spoon each time until you get a dough. You might not need it all.

Knead with hands in bowl (or get handy toddler to help…) and split into pieces depending on how many pizzas you want. Or leave it as one massive one, whatever.

Put dough on oiled baking tray and smoosh with fingers until it is the right size, it doesn’t have to be even.

Spread on some red pesto sauce straight from the jar.

Add veg of choice (the Munch likes thin strips of courgette (use a potato peeler) or carrot, peas, beans, bits of broccoli, that sort of thing…)

Daintily dump some grated cheddar cheese on top.

Put in oven, Gas Mark 6, for about 10 minutes for hand sized, longer for bigger.

Cut into pieces and eat yours while waiting for the rest to cool.

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