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Pea and Pancetta Frittata. or omelette. or tortilla – GF, DF

Who knows?

Anyway, this is delicious and easy and a standby in our house. I buy those little packs of cubed pancetta from Sainsbos, two packs for a pound. (Actually because I am so rarely in a supermarket I buy loads and freeze them but that’s another matter).
1 pack pancetta, cubed
Frozen peas
4 eggs

So gently fry the pancetta, so that the fat is released and greases a small frying pan. I do them on a low heat for about ten minutes, actually, because I like it a bit caramelly. Then throw in a layer or two of frozen peas, give them a stir and then put the egg mixture in (4 eggs does me, DH and Babybear easily).

Cook it for a bit, medium-low heat again, until you see the sides come away from the pan a bit, then under the grill to do the top and hey bingo, you’ve got a store-cupboard lunch.

I’m guessing if you had a very new baby you might take a look at the pancetta and fret about the salt content, but that bit is up to you. There’s no other salt in the recipe and only you will know what other salty things they’ll be eating that day. Personally, I was always more bothered with the daily intake than one meal, but you guys know what you’re comfortable with. Those of us with children over 1 can be as cavalier as we like…

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4 Responses to “Pea and Pancetta Frittata. or omelette. or tortilla – GF, DF”

  1. Mindy says:

    Made these with peas, carrots, new potatoes, bubbling cheese….looked delicious…tasted delicious…. Min threw it on the floor in disgust! Am determined she will like them, will try again next week. I think some of those nice soft jarred peppers would be lovely in one, quite Spanish-y!

  2. Sarah says:

    Can this be frozen?

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  4. so says:

    Doesn’t Pacetta have a high salt content?, I thought salt in baby food is a big no-no?

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