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Lin’s Creamy Pasta

I need to update my pasta post (such is the social whirlygig of my life that these are the sorts of things I now worry about) as we’ve recently discovered that conchiglie are great for things like pasta, bacon and peas because if you give it a stir the veggies get stuck in the shell which makes a dinky little parcel of carbs, veggies and protein. Same for spag bol, which we rarely have with spag as both Babybear and her father find it irritating.

Lin’s daughter Small, as she tells us, actually sings to this recipe so that was all the recommendation I needed to hear…

“This is the first thing I gave Small that really excited her. She makes motorbike hands & croons to it.

1 onion
1 courgette
Fromage Frais

Finely chop the onion & soften it in some oil with the garlic. Meanwhile grate the courgette & squeeze all of the water out of it. Add the courgettes to the pan and let the whole thing mush down. Stir in some fromage frais (how much depends on how loose you want the mush to be) and some pesto (to baby’s taste – I started with a teaspoon and am gradually increasing quantities as Small seems to like it a bit stronger.) Serve with pasta.”

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3 Responses to “Lin’s Creamy Pasta”

  1. Giantpandacub says:

    I just tried adding chopped spinach to this, great success! Cub is scoffing it down. Mind you she does love her green veggies so not surprising :)

  2. Stinky's Mum says:

    Fusilli pasta works brilliantly too… I always have some in the fridge already cooked then shake various dips, sauces, casseroles etc in a tupperware box so it all sticks… Add to the above recipe some cooked frozen peas too.

  3. Kate says:

    Which pesto do we use green or red or does it not matter? Sound lush!

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