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Lin has a Question about Sandwiches – share your recipes here

Poor Lin has discovered that the next-door flat will be undergoing extensive renovations this summer and therefore anticipates eating in the park A Lot so she has suggested that we all stick our sandwich ideas into one post… She’s a bit giddy, I think, at the idea of having her Very Own Poll so I’ll cut and paste her email below as there are supplementary questions involved.

We do enjoy a bit of tuna mayo in this house, and I find that if you butter both sides in a debauched manner then things such as ham or cheese stay together. She also likes pate, but I’ve only started giving it to her recently, and if we’re having an impromptu picnic I’m not above asking the man in the deli for a selection of bits of ham, salami, and getting him to slice some cheese for us to have on rolls. Oh, the bliss of having a weaned child over one whose salt intake you don’t have to bother about quite so much. Also I personally enjoy a mixture of hummus, grated carrot and sultanas in a sandwich but Babybear has been off hummus for some time now so I don’t get it very often.

And I know this is a bit fiddly and faffy and therefore against the grain but I very often find myself running a rolling pin over Babybear’s sandwiches and sometimes even cutting off the crusts because she can be a bit of a pain in her determination to disassemble them. I’ve not yet cut shapes out with cookie cutters, for me that’s a Bridge Too Far but go for it if you reckon it’ll work for you.

Anyway, here’s Lin’s starter for ten. Thanks for any and all contributions.

“Dear Aitch

I don’t actually think this merits a Recipe entry but I didn’t want to get it lost in comments – maybe its a poll-type thing.

Small & I shared versions of the same sandwich today – chicken & avocado. I chopped the chicken quite finely, mashed it with the avocado & spread it on her bread. She loved it and they all disappeared. It struck me, that as summer approaches, in warmer weather I eat a lot of sandwich-based lunches and it would be handy to continue this sandwich-sharing lark. However, being without teeth, she needs gummable sandwiches – not yer-standard-slap-a-slice-of-cheese-or-ham-in-bread things. So here are my sandwich fillings of choice to date:

The Basics:
Mashed avocado
Cream Cheese
Houmous (which she loves. She’d bath in houmous if I let her.)

The Variations:
Avocado with Chicken
Tuna with Fromage Frais (instead of mayonnaise).
Mackerel – tinned not fresh – sadly she took against the beautiful fresh one.

So my poll question – now what? What else is gum-friendly, mayonnaise-free, can be spread on bread & will satisfy both mum & babe? Suppliementary question – should I chill out about giving her mayo? Not quite sure why I feel a bit twitchy about it!

(I have also found out that the flat next door will be undergoing renovations throughout the summer so it looks like we will be living at the local park – and therefore dining exclusively on sandwiches!)

Apologies for managing to ask a relatively simple question in an extremely longwinded fashion.


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11 Responses to “Lin has a Question about Sandwiches – share your recipes here”

  1. MrsB says:

    It’s just the fresh mayo you have to be careful about as it contains raw egg, most supermarket stuff is fine (well, as far as I know, I use it…)

    Some more ideas
    tuna mayo
    egg mayo
    cottage cheese
    cream cheese & tomato

    And she has no teeth but can easily gum her way through cheese, ham, beef, sausage, tomato, cucumber… so don’t be too worried about chewy stuff-I was shocked by how much she can gum through!

    some not quite sandwich ideas-have plain or with butter, cream cheese, cottage cheese, banana, etc (babs loves them)
    hot cross buns (many varieties)
    bagels (also many varieties)
    fruit loaf

    hope that helps

  2. sarah mottershead says:

    Hi my little one loves mini pitta breads, esp chicken and pesto – I chop the chicken very fine and mix it with red pesto and a little yogurt to hold it together, she also really really loves tinned mackeral in tomato sauce – but you can fill them with anything x

  3. Stinky's Mum says:

    although it goes against the grain to use a whizzer – whizz up beans or chick peas, cooked beetroot, fresh herbs and a clove of garlic with a drop of olive oil.. great for a dip or for a sandwich filling and for adults with a great block of goats cheese.. You can freeze it too.

  4. Somersaults says:

    Way behind the times I know but summer is (apparently) approaching again! I make pitta bread toasties. I chop a pitta in half and gently open it up into a pocket. Put whatever filling you want on the inside with some cheese to help it all stick together. Carefully place open end up into the toaster and toast until the cheese is melted. Wait a couple of minutes before slicing into fingers to allow the cheese to set a little bit. Babbity will gum on these quite happily for ages and they’re fine served cool as well as fresh so you can take them out and about with you easily.

  5. Somersaults says:

    And I just saw the Toasty Cheesy Pittas recipe on here! I’ve been going down the list and this one is near the bottom so I hadn’t seen it yet!

  6. Adewonder says:

    Tofu makes good veggie sandwiches, preferably with some kind of spread or avocado. Good for protein and substantial lunches. I fry it first then leave to cool, put it sandwich with stuff from the fridge. I just dont include leafy stuff when little buddy is sharing(nicking) my food.

  7. cowmacpoo says:

    i like to mix hummus, tuna, grated carrot and just a tiny bit of grated red onion together. its great in sandwiches, on toast, with pasta or just a big dollop on little ones high chair.

  8. Stellastar* says:

    Thanks for the ideas for fillings. As a newbie to BLW, they are all really helpful. I wondered what type of bread folk would use. White/brown/wholemeal? Thin/medium/thick? Any tips would be great.

    • Aitch says:

      Whatever you’re having, i think. There is some research to indicate that white bread is better for wee kids, something to do with brown inhibiting vit C absorption, so you might want to think about that. Thin slices are easier when they’re small, but bear in mind that when they’re just starting you are absolutely best to stick to big chewy crusts or toast, as bread has that habit of going a bit claggy in the mouth of a person who’s not yet got the hang of chewing.

  9. Loulou says:

    Hi there, just a quickie do you butter both sides of the bread, which type of bread and two slices together or open sandwhich(my baby is 9 months and just thinking is it too thick if two slices together)-cheers x

  10. Loulou says:

    Just read comment above which answered about which type of bread.

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