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JennT's Long-awaited Polenta Recipe

Personally, the only way I enjoy polenta is with as much parmesan cheese as it can support without falling apart. It will take years of trial and error on my part to find out exactly how much that is. Be careful as it starts to boil, to give you an idea of how dangerous polenta is just imagine you are cooking with lava straight off the slopes of Mt Etna and you won’t go far wrong.

Polenta with Herbs

75g (3oz) polenta
Either 1 tsp of dried herbs, say, oregano or thyme, or a fistful of chopped fresh herbs, perhaps parsley or coriander? If using fresh rosemary or thyme, probably best to stick to the teaspoonful.
1 tbsp olive oil or butter.
A whacking amount of parmesan cheese, freshly grated, say about a fistful again. Or however much you like.
Cook the polenta according to packet instructions, and stir in the butter or olive oil and then the parmesan and herbs as it starts to thicken. Pour into an oiled baking tray and leave to cool, befor cutting into wedges and grilling or frying until golden on both sides.

Post Script

We made some polenta the other night but I didn’t have any parmesan in and the kind that I bought claimed to have vegetables in it already and therefore didn’t need anything extra. Wrong. It really needed cheese.

Anyway, I made it, and in it’s plain boiled form it was distinctly unimpressive. Likewise when I spread it out onto an oiled tray and grilled it. However, I left it overnight and cut it up and grilled the pieces and we had some more success. It had started, by this time, to look and taste oddly and not unpleasantly like French Toast. Babybear ate a really big piece of it, as did I, but mine was smothered under a layer of salt. Next time, cheese.

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4 Responses to “JennT's Long-awaited Polenta Recipe”

  1. Ellie pym says:

    Isn’t Parmesan really salty (more than any other cheese??).

    • Aitch says:

      Sure, and as a consequence it’s also more flavoursome so you need less, making it all even out in the end, I guess. The thing with salt, for me at least, was to take it over a day. Bread and salty cheese for lunch? Plain veggies for dinner… that sort of thing.

  2. Annie says:

    when cooking with polenta I find adding veg stock in initisl cooking stafe takes care of adding flavour. I serve with “braggs, aminos” for a salty flavour if required. Cheese is yum!!but baba still dairy free for now

  3. Kate says:

    Is this recipe able to be frozen? And if so, do you freeze before or after you grill it? Thank you for. The recipe!

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