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Ironic Turkey Twizzlers – DF, GF, EF, SFF

I call these turkey twizzlers and madam likes them with pumpkin wedges….. eggfree too so good for allergies.

I mix a handful of minced turkey with some apple and pear (uncooked so I mash the pear till it’s quite smooth but the apple chopped really finely till it’s kinda shredded), half a teaspoon of cinnamon and rolled the mixture into some sausage shapes (she has them about the size of a chipolata).

Stick em on the George Forman (could grill or ovenbake) for about 20 minutes until very well browned. I leave them to cool for aaages and she eats them cold. They freeze really well too so I normally cook extras.

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4 Responses to “Ironic Turkey Twizzlers – DF, GF, EF, SFF”

  1. Avi says:

    Hi, I’ve been lurking on this site for ages (since I decided not to traditionally wean my LO at 4m). I live in the middle east and no-one’s heard of BLW,s o there’s not a huge amount of support – your site is sooo useful – thank-you!
    I’m just baking some of these right now – what apple/pear/meat ratio do you use? And would you use pre-cooked fruit? I have some hanging out in the freezer in ice cube trays that I made when under pressure to feed my daughter some mush, but to my immense pride and delight she won’t open her mouth for a spoon, and will only taste what she can put in there herself!! Would it make the twizzlers to watery? Not that I mind about the fruit too much, but it would be a shame to waste the meat. Thanks again :)

    • Aitch says:

      i wonder if it would be too watery, if memory serves i grated stuff and squeezed it… as for the ratio, 2/3 meat ish. but fiddle around.

  2. Avi says:

    sorry for the typos – typing with baby in arms…

  3. Avi says:

    when you defrost them, do you then re-cook and re-cool? or just serve them up thawed and cold?

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