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Frozen Yoghurt Lollies

Having got over my irrational fear of frozen yoghurt, I decided to try out some home made lollies. Basically I mixed some natural yoghurt and mashed banana and froze it. I used our ice cube tray but ours has quite large sections i.e. about 2 ½ times normal cubes. I created handles by inserting the small spoon end of the spoon you get with Calpol – I know you know the spoon I mean.

Boomer really enjoyed these – she takes large bites and sooks the lolly. The spoon is great to grab and she plays with it once she has finished the lolly.

Jenn has pointed out a rather marvellous new product that apparently makes triffic ice pops. Apparently you can keep them in the freezer and use them to keep things cool if you’re making up a picnic as well. Not cheap, though, but they look like fun.

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5 Responses to “Frozen Yoghurt Lollies”

  1. Louise Gibson says:

    These are great! I might like to add that you can buy mini ice lolly makers (I bought some from Waitrose they are made by Nuk for Annabel Karmel)and you get four in a pack.

  2. Sizzle says:

    Ikea ice lolly maker. Cheap as chips. Work great. We have two :)

  3. Tracy says:

    I have a ice lollie making set made by tupperware. They are a little large for littlies but great for older siblings There is six in the set

  4. Stacey says:

    Putting the squeezy yoghurts (frubes) in the freezer works well. You can just cut wrapping off half of it and then baby can eat it right out the packet. Be careful with younger babies. Some versions of the frubes can have a high sugar content.

  5. Kylie O says:

    Frozen Mango Lassies are the best! Process a big batch of frozen mango with natural yoghurt and place in ice trays with paddle pop sticks! Truly good for you and my older boys love them more than lollies! Also good to drink as a smoothie!

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