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Dizzy's Almost Embarrassingly Simple Chicken Pesto Recipe

See, there’s nothing wrong with an easy recipe, is there? I have a similar one that I rather pompously call Chicken Harissa… can you guess how it is made?

“I made this up the other night out of desperation to make something tempting…..not sure it’s really classed as a recipe though, due to lack of ingredients and processes – just how I like it!

Chicken Pesto

Smear pesto over chicken – if you have time to marinate for a couple of hours, bonus! – and cook in a griddle pan, although grill would probably work just as well.

Bubs gobbled this up, and DH declared it a new favourite!”

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4 Responses to “Dizzy's Almost Embarrassingly Simple Chicken Pesto Recipe”

  1. nina says:

    if you sprinkle some grated mozarella cheese ontop of pesto and grill till golden, also a favourite of ours

  2. Dea says:

    I served this up to my daughter (8months) last night and she loved it. She demolished her vegies and pesto chicken in record time.

  3. Claire cheyne says:

    We’ve just had this for tea with the mozzarella melted over the top… My 8 month old baby boy loved it and so did my husband… I scoffed the lot too!! So simple, it’s a relief to find your website with its fabulously simple lovely meals for the whole family. THANKS!!

  4. charlie says:


    I have steered away from pesto because I found they have cashew nuts in, (particularly red pesto) are people using a non nut pesto or should I not worry?

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