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Adad’s Lentil Bolognese

At least this time he admits to copying it… I have to say that I can’t imagine making a mousakka with mince now so I do know what he means. And we do love a lentil on this site. Personally I’d want to have a look at the salt content of the cans but of course you could just use dried ones, and I tend to add salt/soy sauce to taste. Puy lentils take bout 30 mins to cook from raw so I’m guessing brown lentils are about the same.

Lentil Bolognese

This is based on a Carol Timperley recipe this one. Makes a decent quantity so you can put some aside for your little one and then season up the remainder a bit more for adult palates. We love this and there’s no way I would make one with mince now.

Makes 8 adult portions

Gently fry:

1 x large chopped onion
1 or 2 chopped carrots
1 or 2 sticks of celery
1 x red pepper
2 cloves of garlic
bay leaf

Then add chopped mushrooms. Once they wilt a bit, add:

tomato puree
150ml red wine
15 ml soy sauce
1 can chopped tomatoes
2 cans brown lentils (or about 800g).

Let it all come to the boil for a bit (this will burn off the alcohol), then cover, turn down, simmer for 40 mins

Blend to consistency you want – nice to have some bits left in.

Have found it quite useful to serve in giant penne – you can get them really quite big (and therefore easier to grasp!) – and then kind of fill them with the bolognese, quite a lot goes in easilly this way, although if you’re expecting no mess, think again.

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12 Responses to “Adad’s Lentil Bolognese”

  1. bizzy says:

    Hey guys, I would prob be cautious of the wine – I heard that it’s a myth that you ‘burn off’ the alcohol) and that at least 25% still remains.. which is prob not much.. but?

  2. bizzy says:

    oh – forgot to say that I can’t wait to try it. It sounds great!

  3. Sparkly Sally says:

    Personally I’d be more cautious of all that soy sauce!

  4. mum2MaisieG says:

    We had this for our dinner tonight and were sceptical because my hubby and I are big meat-eaters. We couldn’t find brown lentil in supermarket so used puy lentil instead. We were so surprised at how lovely it was and looking forward to eating the leftovers tomorrow too. Thanks for the recipe :-)

  5. Samantha says:

    My bubs is six months next week and this sounds yummo. I definately agree with Bizzy and wouldn’t be giving red wine to my six month old. :) Also, soy sauce and canned tomatoes are really high in salt. If you can be bothered, I would just throw in your own tommies. :)

  6. sarah says:

    mmm sounds yummy i would be scarce with the soy sauce and wine babies cannot process salt like we do as adults and this causes concern its best to leave it out until they get older

  7. Victoria says:

    Delicious…although I skipped the steps where you add the wine and soy sauce. I know wines cooked off in the bolognaise but I skipped it just to be certain. Also wanted the salt content to be as low as possible…used a baby organic stock cube too. My 9 month daughter got this everywhere so I think it was a hit!

  8. Emily says:

    This went down a treat with my daughter, who really loves the meat version of bolognese. I used just over 200g of dried brown lentils and added a bit over 400mls of liquid (reduced salt stock instead of wine), which worked well.

  9. Nicola says:

    Made this recipe.Absolutely delicious. My daughter loves it. Made without the wine.

  10. Katie says:

    Just made this for dinner today and really impressed with how tasty it is! I skipped the wine and soy and chucked in a bit of passata instead. And (drumroll) my 19 month old veg dodger wolfed it down!

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