Baby Led Weaning

Growing healthy babies with healthy appetites

FACEBOOK DOWN! (Don’t worry…)

A. You can do this stuff without help. It’s just your baby and food. You know how to eat, and really… so does your baby, with a little guidance and care from you. Start with cutting up a carrot into batons and steaming it until it’s still intact but you can still squash it between thumb and forefinger. Over-cook it, basically. That ought to keep your baby busy while Mark Zuckerberg and his minions are fixing things.

B. If you would like some assistance, remember we also tweet at AND we have our own forum at That forum is chock full of fantastic people (I know most of ’em, they’re great) who are only too willing to help with BLW questions, as well as discussing slings, nappies and global geopolitics.

UPDATE: It’s back. We’re here.


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