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Further to the Banana…

Is everyone opening them like monkeys do? Well, ARE YOU?

I haven’t been, and to be honest it’s not been that much of a struggle cracking open the stalk end but it can be a little fraught… however, it turns out that yer average chimp has it sussed.

Look here, you absolutely owe it to yourself.

SO, it turns out we’ve been doing it wrong all this time… just squeeze the bottom of the ‘nana and the skin will kind of split, and you can just pull the sides down as per. It does leave you with the black endy bit sitting right at the top, but at least you can get rid of it straight away rather than have a small child present it to you by wiping it on your trousers.

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12 Responses to “Further to the Banana…”

  1. Lin says:

    This post made me laugh so much. In our house, the black endy bit is known as “The Bad Bit” and my kids always present me with it as though its poisonous. And by the time they get it to me, its hideously slimey and mank. I hate bananas with a passion so quite honestly, its the single worst aspect of parenting that I have yet encountered.

  2. Aitch says:

    hahaha at ‘it is the single worst aspect of parenting that i have yet encountered’. you are SO RIGHT.

  3. PerpetualMadness says:

    I feel like my willingness to provide my children with bananas, thus sharing house-space with them, is a testament to my devotion and selflessness. ;) Foul things.

    • bimbambaloney says:

      I am so with you on that PerpetualMadness, my DP and I can’t stand them either, well unless they are BBQ’d in their skins and smothered in rum and brown sugar :D

  4. Mummyrita says:

    If you take the skin off completely, break it into chip lengths, and the dig your fingers in the right way along the side and squeeze gently, they break into 3 neat segments. Banana fingers, my kids call them. They are the perfect size for baby fingers to hold.

    • Aitch says:

      Very true. my eyes also boggled when i saw this. truly a well-handled banana is an efficient foodstuff.

  5. pics says:

    So why does my littlest insist on chewing that end?

    • bimbambaloney says:

      My littlest loves them when they have their skin on, if I peel it she rejects it! Are the skins hallucinogenic or is that a student urban myth that I totally fell for!?

  6. sapling says:

    As a veteran of many banana-peeling playtimes as an infant teacher this post was a real revelation, I wish I’d known this years ago!
    However, my 3 year old refuses to eat them if presented this way round, complaining they are upside-down – luckily she will eat them skin-off…

  7. Julia says:

    I’m just wanting to know if anyone has a theory on why my 15mo son insists (and he’s VERY vocal about it) on eating the banana peel! This morning the banana was pushed away and he was nearly in tears until I gave him some peel to eat.

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