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Baby-led weaning in the Guardian

“Rapley argues that babies crawl, walk and talk at the right time for them – why should eating be any different? BLW is basically an independent process of eating, rather than passive feeding. This also helps avoid the often combative nature of family mealtimes – frustrating on both sides.

Initially it will involve more play and exploration than actual eating. Some food will reach the mouth, some will be chewed up or sucked on and eventually, when the baby is physically ready, food will be swallowed. In common with all methods of weaning you continue with milk feeds throughout to make sure your baby’s nutritional needs are met; these gradually decrease as the baby starts to eat more.” Catherine Phipps

That’s a very, very decent description of the process, imo.

Here’s the link.

Good piece on baby-led weaning, I’d say, a reasonable and sensible of what’s in Gill Rapley’s book, matched by most of the comments, and GREAT to see Nick’s book getting a mention.

Once again, the ‘your child will not be fussy and will eat EVERYTHING’ thing (aka ‘BLW will make your child into an eating robot’) is rather over-stated, however, but it’s how it goes when newspapers persist in presenting a simple ‘new’ vs ‘old’ article, I reckon.

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    I just wrote about BLW on my blog! Want to come and visit? We talk about fuss free food for families.

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