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Baby Led Weaning Diary – in which Siobhan goes for a skive.

Greetings from the Welsh Valleys,

Oh, how I’m enjoying my BLW this week with views of lush, green rolling hills and dotted sheep rather than cars hurtling down a dual carriageway….

Yes, I’ve taken a BLW’ing baby out of the country, well over the bridge – (£5.60 toll charge it costs as well- bloody cheek!) for a little break so have a very poor internet connection which means a week’s holiday!

I’ll report back to you all when we get back – have a good BLW’ing week.



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3 Responses to “Baby Led Weaning Diary – in which Siobhan goes for a skive.”

  1. Gallicgirl says:

    Are you still in Wales, Siobhan?

    Would they not let you back over the bridge?

  2. […] I’ve managed to transport a BLW’ing baby back into the country safely and soundly after my very first road trip with Alban. We only went to Wales but what a wonderful adventure it was. I packed a special BLW bag […]

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