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What size is a chip?

Well, chip-sized obviously… I mean, durrrr.

Although… it has been pointed out to me that a chip in the US is what we in sunny Glasgow call a crisp. Why? Because it is crisp, my friends. We are but simple souls.

In the States and Australia and no doubt other wrong-thinking young upstart countries, they made a wee mistake and called them chips, despite the fact that they are more slice-like in character. (Listen, don't get me started, in Australia they call chips 'hot chips', they call sweeties 'lollies' and if you order a 'scallop' in a fish and chip shop there you are in for a horrible surprise.)

So from now on I am happy to refer to the classic Rapley chip-sized baby portion as 'a finger' (as in 'a finger of fudge is just enough' – what do you mean you don't know what I'm talking about? It's an advertising classic, surely?)

That's an adult finger. However, a fist-sized portion will continue to refer to the infant fist, rather than the mitts of a hairy-arsed adult.

Has this helped? I fear not…

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2 Responses to “What size is a chip?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have come across this website from a parent chat forum, and so glad I am so nosey and took a look. My little one is 17 weeks and literally last night I made my first batch of mush to be frozen until 6 months (I have a 2 1/2 year old and wanted to be ready so wouldn't even be tempted by the dreaded jars!!) but I am seriously going to think about BLW, it really does make sense and as you all seem to say is much easier. My older daughter was weaned “nomally” and although she is a good eater it can be hard to get her to try new things, maybe this will encourage her and show my hubby how to be a bit less stressed about the mess!! I'll keep looking at your pages for ideas and see where it takes us, of course it won't go down well with the rest of my family(everything I do is wrong as far as my girls are concerned)but anything that annoys them has got to be worth a try!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi and welcome
    ive got 2 boys that were weaned the 'normal' way and they are the most fussiest eaters you will ever meet. they are 11 and 14 btw! josh is nearly 11 months now, has never had a puree and eats anything. i just hope it stays this way. another good side of blw is you will find yourself eating so much healthier too. i make everything from scratch now, altho i tried to before josh was born it wasnt always that easy. i just like to know what is going into his food and would prefer not to give him stuff that crammed full of additives. (altho i do give him cheerios for breakfast)
    hehe i like that last comment 'anything that annoys them has to be worth a try' its sooooo true lol!

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