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Try Not to Clean

No really. Obviously it's a good idea to clean up after your baby has eaten, unless you fancy a wee visit from the Environmental Health, but try not to do it during their meal. Why? Well, how stressful do you find it when you're out for a meal and the waiter is too attentive?
So try to ignore the mess, in fact try to revel in it. It's hilarious. It's good for them – that mess is teaching them that dinner time isn't stressful, it's enjoyable. And once your baby is finished you can just dip their hands and feet in the bathroom sink for a wash and a face splash while their father gets busy at the highchair with a selection of anti-bacterial wipes. Well, maybe.

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One Response to “Try Not to Clean”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I was talking about this with Tink's daddy a few days ago. I was trying to catch bits of biscuit that were falling down her clothes. I suddenly realised “what am I teaching her??? Her clothes are more important than her food???” I really don't want to be teaching her that!
    I go to a wonderful breastfeeding group (which is where I first heard of BLW) and one of the ladies who runs it was saying that when we get too worried about cleanliness in our babies feeds we are making them into fussy eaters. She said she has had to undo a few children's fussy eating.
    I strip Tinkerbelle down to her vest when I feed her (hence not many dresses, mainly skirts/trousers and tops!) as it is a lot easier to clean up one just the vest than the whole outfit and it doesn't matter if the vest stains.

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