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According to Gill Rapley, you are better off giving your child toast than bread because the toast is kinda crunchier and is less likely to go claggy and get stuck in the babies' mouths. (I hardly need add that she expresses the concept rather more elegantly than I just did.)
I started Babybear off with some crusts of Italian bread in a cafe (honestly, the life I lead… it's a social whirl) but it was a bit too sharp so I slightly pre-chewed it in the mummy bird style.

Back at home, I am more likely to toast bread, pop some cream cheese or butter or hummus on it and then cut it into slices for the baby.

Initially I used white bread (for that mega-insulin rush) but I have slowly moved her towards a brown multi-grain that her father and I eat. She did a bit of gagging on it a couple of times but it's fine now. I'm not sure about the brown bread, however, as I read on the internet that fibre can interfere with Vitamin C absorption. But we all know that things you find on the internet can be very unreliable, har, har…

If anyone has any information on this I'd be delighted to hear about it. Cheers, all.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Apparently baby's aren't supposed to eat too much fibre, and with us on some days we have wholegrain shredded wheat for brekkie so I make bread for my pinkle with white flour. She usually has that from the freezer and toasted. Unless I run out of course, then she generally ends up with half of mine… come to think of it, she often ends up with half of mine anyway…

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