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Roast Chicken

You'll no doubt have gathered by now that what I am attempting to do is systematically work my way through the list of Babybear's favourite delicacies that I mention on the front page… it's taking a while, eh?

Well, nobody's feeling it more than me, let me tell you… if I don't get it finished soon I'll have to regress her to a diet of sloppy baby rice for a fortnight while I catch up on her spectacular dietary habits.

Anyhow. Roast chicken.

First roast your chicken. I do it upside down (but enough about my love life, fnarr fnarr) so that the breasts are yummy and juicy, then whip off the tinfoil (again, enough about my love life) and turn it over for the last half hour so that the skin crisps. For extra flavour I tend to stick a lemon and some herbs, rosemary or thyme let's say, up its backside (insert your own sex joke here) especially now that the baby precludes smothering the skin in salt.

I found that the easiest and tastiest bit of the chicken to give to Babybear comes off the leg, but I suspect I'm going to find it hard to describe. You know, the kinda bingo wing bit, but it's on the leg… do I mean the thigh? Maybe. Anyway, the pieces part in almost a teardrop shape, which is perfect for baby led weaning, and the sinews of the meat run lengthways. I have found that if I give her the slightly drier breast meat she loses interest quicker and because more bits come off she is more likely to gag. Whatever works for you, kiddo. Oh and she's not above sucking on a bit of the skin. Nor is her mother.

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2 Responses to “Roast Chicken”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Could not find a sensible place for this post, but as she had them with roast chicken leg I thought here would do. Whole shallots, in skins, roasted alongside the chicken legs, and then squished out with a fork. Hoooovered up by the Nome so fast we hardly saw it happen. Then again, she did practically eat us out of house and home this evening. She has just cracked crawling, and so clearly is tanking up for some sort of marathon.

  2. Anonymous says:

    mmh, roast chicken… i like it with a mixture of oil-salt-pepper-paprika all over… will have to say goodbye to the salt! unless… maybe if i add the salt after, to all but one leg?

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