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My favourite food ever, and now my baby's… I'm so very proud.
I just wash it, half it across the stone, and twist sharply so that the halves come apart then cut into quarters and remove the stone. She used to grab my hand when I was eating peaches so we first started
with me holding it and her sucking/biting on it but it didn't take long
for her to want to take it herself.

I've noticed that it's easier to give the baby the peach quarter with the skin side facing outwards as she seems to go at it from underneath with her rather marvellous brand new TWO TEETH. My cup runneth over…

Anyway, all I'm saying it that it might be worth noting which side your baby prefers to have the skin side facing. To be honest I was a bit paranoid about her eating the skin to begin with but apart from a couple of bleary-eyed spit-ups she was absolutely fine. Keep an eye on it, though. If we see a worryingly large bit of food going in, my husband and I start making hilarious puking faces, sticking our tongues out, crossing our eyes and whatnot (it's veeeeery attractive) and she normally laughs and spits it out.

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2 Responses to “Peach”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Chunkey monkey loves nectarine! And so far I've only tried holding it while he chews on it, so maybe I'll give the quarters a try

  2. Anonymous says:

    Loving the Chunky Monkey… and good luck with the nectarines. Obviously if it's quite a big nectarine I'd cut it into sixths or maybe eighths, but you'll know how much the monkey can handle at one time.

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