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Out and About

While out and about I always pack a ‘lunchbox’ for Boomer. Common contents are some rice cakes or rye crackers, some fruit (usually nectarines or a banana), dried fruit (apricots, apple slices), and pieces of cheese. All these types of food travel well in a plastic box and can be fed whilst on the move. Although I would watch out for banana – our buggy has a few sticky patches.

Boomer and I are going away for a couple of days (travels including airports, trains and buses)  so I there may be a few top tips direct from the field – watch this space.

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6 Responses to “Out and About”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I'm certainly no expert after only a week :o)
    but the other day I gave Angelcake some grub at a friend's house. She sat on my lap, then I covered us both with a muslin. She wore a small bib and I rolled her sleeves up. The muslin worked as a kind of makeshift highchair, catching everything nicely :o)

  2. Anonymous says:

    yeah improvisation is definitatly the key, see picture post with inside out shorts as bib! yes they were spare – I wasn't traveling in my pants .
    So thanks to a low cost airline and a huge delay we were in the airport trying to leave scotland for a loooooong time. Supermum checked in Boomer's supplies so we braved the airport offerings. We shared a tuna salad, some biscuits and cheese, a banana ,water and a yogurt and yes it did cost more than the flight.
    Top tip a those vacuum packed rectangles of cheese are great toys – Boomer played with one for 2 hours, she knawed at it untill the pack contained lovely cheesy mush.

  3. Anonymous says:

    At a friends house on our travels, we had chicken fiahetas (omg spelling!) for tea. The contents of chicken pieces and yellow and red pepper strips were perfect for a baby led weaning guest. I sucked the sauce off before handing the bits to Skye. This wasn't because I thought it was too spicey more because it was sauce from a jar and probably quite salty. It did make me feel a bit like a mommy bird feeding my chicklets worms.
    Anyway the next day we were on a train for a couple of hours (we are in fact on the train using mobile web dontyakow), and the left over tortilla wraps are great. I've been giving Boomer strips which she folds up and chews on. They are like edible bits of paper, which we all know babies just love. We have also shared an apple, I hold it while she takes small bites and sucks the juice. There was also a packet of mini cakes but we finished them before we left the station they don't really count.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Boots baby rice cakes are dead handy, we've found – for a while K couldn't manage them as they were too little (so she had half an adult one instead), but her dad pinched them for the car as they're a great driving snack! I carry some everywhere now as they quiet the “I'm huuuunnnngrrrryyyy” complaints from all quarters ;)
    Dried fruit is good, ofc, though stuff like apricots can get pretty sticky. If you have a Cranberry shop near you ( they do lots of organic stuff (and tasty baklava for mummy!) – I generally make a stop at Piccadilly station if I'm out in Manchester for the day and stock up there before heading out.

  5. Anonymous says:

    hello Vanilla, hope you turn up here, i am drying some apples at the moment so i'll tell you how i get on with them if i think they are any use for taking on a plane.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We always carry a little loc'n'loc box of dried apricots, raisins, mini breadsticks and dried mango for emergency snacking.
    We like to eat out at Wagamama, Yo Sushi and the others in the house like Pizza Express (not much gf there for me though). During the summer eating outside at pubs is a great way to hide your mess. For a real treat the Japanese resturant near the Honda plant in Swindon does a fab all you can eat buffet on a Sunday lunchtime which is fab for showing off what your LO will scoff down whilst others eat from jars. All of the above are more than happy to sweep up the floor zone..
    We've also stayed at the Evesham hotel who have a great childrens high tea menu with real food, and didn't even bat an eyelid when DH dished up stewed prunes to a 9 months old for breakfast. Very squashy and smeary…

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