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Now she gets to have an opinion… dammit

So in the beginning it was all 'Wow, what's this green stuff? Broccoli? Really? Wonder what it tastes like?' etcetera etcetera. But now she's tasted a few things Babybear is beginning to let me know her likes and dislikes.

She's a bit off the broccoli, to be honest, but can't get enough apples. (It's very cute, we've put the fruit bowl on a low table and she goes and grabs an apple or a banana when she fancies one. Not that she can get them started without some help, I mean she is fairly gifted, obviously, but she's not that good…)

She has decided that she is over green beans but she still loves peas, frozen or cooked. Cauliflower she can take or leave. But then so can I. She seems to like all of her carbs, so she's delighted to eat pasta, bread and porridge, and happily chomps down on lentils, beans and meat. Steak is okay, pork is better but chicken, by god… she adores roast chicken, basically eating the meat off two legs of chicken the other night. I didn't hand her the whole leg, by the way, I am aware that she's not Henry VIII.

However carrot, my friends, is off the menu. Won't even touch it, bless her headstrong little socks.

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13 Responses to “Now she gets to have an opinion… dammit”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Glad you said this! I feel a bit better now. The Munch is totally off broccoli, and aspragus is only good for whipping me with when I get too close…
    She has only just completely got over her irrational fear of peas and now gets very excited when she sees the bag coming out of the freezer (until she sees its the frozen beans instead)
    I have had to get a new non see through tupperware pot for her cheerios and raisins though, if she sees them she will create merry hell until she gets one!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, we're exactly the same. Hal used to LOVE avocados but now all he does is pick it up, twirl it in his hand like a majorette, look me in the eye, and toss the avo on the floor. Carrots, green beans, asparagus, sweet potato and pears (tragedy) all go the same way. He's deep in a rice phase, though, and sucks down greedy-adult portions of any sort of risotto, or rice-and-beans/lentils. All good stuff, just shame about the veggies.

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is so good to hear. Minky had gone off broccoli, which used to be a firm favourite. Green beans also beautifully decorate the floor. Broad beans, however, are tip-top even though I hate them. She was lucky that Grandad had cooked some, otherwise she would never had tasted them!
    Meat-wise, lamb is a big hit. Chicken is okay. Beef deserves to be crushed in her hand and dropped to the floor. She has a very tasty beef casserole for lunch. We'll see if she'll deign to put any of it in her mouth.
    She had rice and veg for tea the other night and ate all the carrot first, then the sweetcorn, then resorted to the peas. I do enjoying watching choice in action.
    Mr Moomin keeps saying that it's an evolutionary thing. They start to reject green veg in order to avoid being poisioned. I think he heard this on TV though, so I'm not sure how accurate it is!

  4. Anonymous says:

    The pick and choose thing does amuse me. She had pasta with peas, sweetcorn kernels and broccoli the other day. The broccoli just got picked up and dumped overboard, then she ate all the peas, picking through the pasta to check she hadnt missed any, then the pasta went down, and finally the corn!
    Now if we weren't BLW, I would have no idea what foods she likes and dislikes! Yet another benefit as when she was sick I knew I could give her pasta and peas and she would eat it all!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Boomer has too developed likes and dislikes. She will choose fruit over veg any day, do you think this is a probelm? I'm pretty sure she gets enough of her daily fruit/veg intake but if I'm really honest most days it is probably fruit/fruit intake. I personally have always eaten a lot of fruit and I think I have passed this habit onto Boomer – I'm hoping this is not going to cause jamie oliver carrot hiding antics in the future. Actually come to think of it , I'll never do that cause I'm just too goddamme lazzzzzyy.

  6. Anonymous says:

    with the exception of peas i'd say Babybear is the same. we eat a lot of peas…
    i've also been experimenting with frozen brussels sprouts with some success, but she'd rather have a banana any day.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have discovered that Boomer loves sweetcorn – on the cob and in little piles to pick up.

  8. Anonymous says:

    At 11 months Small has gone on hunger strike. She used to be a demon-eater but now she cant even bring herself to poke her food let alone put it in her mouth. The only acceptable foodstuff is fruit so I'm seeing some echoes to the earlier posts here. She sneers at the plate and then leans across the table screeching for the fruit bowl.
    However stuff like nectarines is seized and squished to death so that she can splash in the resulting juice pool. She loves apples and they keep her occupied for hours but she get very little off them. So I am a little afraid that she going to start looking like a blueberry (like something out of Willa Wonka's factory).
    How long does this phase last? I am trying to stay sanguine but its really starting to stress me out!

  9. Anonymous says:

    all i know is that when babybear was sick or cutting a tooth she couldn't have been less interested in food. is is possible that's the problem? i just used to give her loads of milk and try not to think about it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    She was sick a few weeks ago which is when she went off food but she has not yet gone back on it. She demonstrates all the right hunger signs – she salivates, she reaches for food across the table, she'll snatch it out of other children's hands but when presented with meals, she dumps it all overboard.
    She is off milk as well which I think is what is stressing me out. She doesn't take more than about 350ml in a day in total. It may be that this is her actual appetite level now that her growth is starting to slow but I am just so used to her eating more than me! I just can't tell whether its fussiness or genuinely not being hungry. Either way, she doesn't get anything more once she's jettisoned the first lot so we'll see who wins the war of attrition.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Having a similar experience here. The Pupster is 11.5 months now and seems unable to bear having almost any green veg near him… not much fruit either, except raspberries. I'm breastfeeding but don't think he's having much of that either – it's a struggle to get him to feed twice a day, let alone three times. He seems to have been living off air for the past two weeks, but I'm trying not to worry as he's very cheery and full of beans (doesn't like those either).

  12. Anonymous says:

    Maybe there is a highly calorific pollen around right now as living off thin air describes it exactly! Having held my nerve for nearly 6 months I can't believe I'm wobbling now but when I see the spoon fed babies taking enormous bowls of mush whilst Small dallies over a single pea, its hard not to!
    Like you say, she's happy and bouncy so I'll just try and keep the lid on my own anxieties.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Lin, my lovely nearly 2-year-old niece was puree weaned, is bright and healthy, but also pretty much living off air just now… in fact, she's been told how well her little cousin (my Nome) is eating to try and encourage her! I'm sure I'll be in the same position will the Nome in the not too distant future.

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