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Moomin's Onion Bhaji recipe

Once again, Moomin's struggle to keep her daughter allergy-free bears fruit for all babykind in the form of these easy and delicious bhajis. And parentkind too, by the sound of things.

Grate one medium potato and half an onion.
Add 75g gram flour and a splash
of water.
Add spices of your choice – I used a bit of cumin and
Drop one tablespoon into hot oil and fry for 4 mins each
This mix made six bhajis, but I don't imagine we'll be freezing that
many as Minky, Mr Moomin and I are polishing them all off!

These were a
big hit and will work as another picnic lunch. Hooray!

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6 Responses to “Moomin's Onion Bhaji recipe”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mmmm Mmm Mmm Mmmm… these are scrum-didly-um Moomin! I can't think why I've never made my own before as they're so easy. I didn't use the splash of water as they seemed pretty wet already. And I put a bit of dried ginger in them. I reckon some fresh coriander would be pretty great too.
    Well anyhow, notsotall scoffed two with no hesitation, and I troughed three with some hot mango chutney. I have saved one for Mr Tall's return from work, but quite frankly I can't see it staying on this plate for much longer.

  2. Anonymous says:

    They are easy. As soon as I made them I wondered why I'd never done it before. Fresh coriander would be lovely, I might try that with my next batch. Minky ate three at nursery this week. I think they were surprised she was eating onion bhajis! I wonder what else you could bhaji?

  3. Anonymous says:

    My fridge is now a battleground. Me trying to hide at least one bhaji from teh Munch's father, who is hunting around for another one to eat, even though I made double portions and he has had 8!
    I have hidden them under some chickpea burgers ssshhhhhh…..

  4. Anonymous says:

    i'm just thrilled to find out that bhaji is a verb… must get onto these soon but i'm trying to update some pages tonight. i have bought gram flour, though, so that's a start.

  5. Anonymous says:

    u say to use gram flour, i dont have any and until i do will plain flour work just as well and do i use the same amount???

  6. Anonymous says:

    why not give it a try and report back? i wouldn't have thought it would be horrible, just different.

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