Baby Led Weaning

Growing healthy babies with healthy appetites

Lea Likes…

Breakfast – pieces of fruit, dry cereal (some sort of organic/bio stuff), yoghurt
with fruit and soaked oats, porridge with fruit, plain toast, toast and jam, toast
and butter, pumpernickel

and supper
– selection of finger foods and a bit of


Finger foods

Fruit – apple slices (steamed), pear, peach, apricot, plums, mango, grapes
(pipped), cherries (pipped), dried apricot (soaked), dates, sultanas (better if
soaked), apple crisps, banana

Veg – courgette, cucumber, broccoli, cauliflower, parsnip, potato, carrot,
sweet potato, avocado

Pulses – white beans, butter beans

and fish
– hand sized pieces (boiled/baked chicken
and fish)

made fried rissoles type things
– falafel, cabbage
and potato, salmon and white bean, tuna and rice balls, chicken and potato or
bean, mini beefburgers

Organix products

– rice cakes and other puffed grains (which are
easily available in
Hungary and are great finger foods)


Mushy food

– spinach, butternut squash, cabbage, courgette,

– almost anything, usually mashed with a fork,
but Lea particularly loves stewed apple with a bit of cinnamon and prune

Grains – brown rice, quinoa, white rice, barley, oats, corn, barley,

Dairy – yoghurt (plain yoghurt with mashed fruit and a bit of oats)

Stews – red lentil stew (initially just plain lentils, and later with
onion and bits of veg), barley vegetable stew, tuna and tomato, rice and mixed
veg.  Sometimes I add bits of meat, but
mainly I cook the meat separately and she can eat it whole.

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