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Fish, glorious fish… well, the world’s most expensive haddie

So I went out, as advised by Rowan, to buy fish fingers but in the end could only get cod ones (don't they make haddock fish fingers any more?) which I frankly could not face eating as a Proper Meal. I did purchase them, to be fair, cos with baked beans and broccoli they are a fab lunch.
Thence to the fishmonger to get wheat were admittedly three very large fillets of haddock but my god… they cost more than a tenner. It's not like it was a gold-plated haddie or anything. Please don't lecture me about fish  populations, I know they're getting rarer.
Anyway, being British I didn't say anything other than 'ohyesthat'llbefine' and handed over my life savings. Came home, poached the fish in some milk and butter and a bay leaf in the oven, knocked up some baked potatoes and wilted some spinach. That was the first time I had used cow's milk for Babybear so I didn't give her huge amounts of the sauce when I served it up, and she appeared to suffer no ill effects.
The fish and potato was a success (as much as anything is these days now that she's on a teething-induced hunger strike) and the spinach was dropped on the floor without ever getting near her mouth. Still, as my mum used to say (in a deeply irritatin voice, as I recall)… 'More for us'.

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4 Responses to “Fish, glorious fish… well, the world’s most expensive haddie”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, for the times we've had fish, we've not done fish fingers, yet. Might try them soon…
    As I mentioned before, Bebe (ds, 8 months) likes whatever is on my plate. Asda Extra Special Cod portions worked quite well for us, as did grilled trout, carefully deboned. I come from a country big on fish, so quite chuffed that he is into it, unlike his meatandpotatoonly daddy…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Excellent job! Munch doesnt cope very well with fish fillets, she tends to pick up her food and bang it on the table before eating (tenderising maybe?) so fish tends to just fly apart and there is nothing left to eat, hence fishfingers! I buy the kids ones from Sainsburys as they are 100%fish (even though it cant possibly be because of the batter as well…dont get me started) so once she has peeled off the outside I can kid myself it is as good as a fish fillet!
    The other option is fishcakes, made with good old cod and potato, they hold together quite well.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Fishcakes, hmm, that's a good idea. I might have to try that. I gave the Weeble some cod at lunchtime (I know, I know, bad non-eco mummy) and he made that “oh god you're trying to poison me” face and swept it imperiously to the floor. So I had it. Not the bits from the ground, obviously!
    Fishcakes, however, poss with a little cheese incorporated – that might work. And if not – well, I'll have those too!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hurrah, hurrah! On the 4th time of trying, we've finally found a form of fish (ooh, alliteration) that the Weeble will deign to eat. Haddock fish fingers – yes, I should have listened to Aitch in the first place – a roaring success. I cut some haddock fillet into strips, dunked them in beaten egg, coated them in breadcrumbs and fried them off. And they were lovely. I think the Weeble probably could have managed more than the 3 he had, but [deep shame] I ate the others …

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