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Chapatis, tortilla wraps, all sorts of flat breads really

Further to Morv's note about tortilla wraps being useful while on the move, might I add that Babybear enjoyed her first chapati last night and loved it. We've also been giving her tortilla wraps, and it's interesting to note that both Boomer and Babybear have the same approach ie folding the strips of bread up, winding any spare bits around their fists and jamming it into their mouths.

Actually, I particularly like the tortilla wraps because they keep well. If you are un petit peu anal (and I've had my moments, ladies) you can unwrap the whole pack and place grease proof paper or similar between the layers and then loosely freeze them so you can take them out individually. Some people like them unheated but personally I think they taste raw and deeply yuck unless they are flung onto a gas burner for thirty seconds or so each side (if that – depends on the burner, obviously) to lightly toast them.

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3 Responses to “Chapatis, tortilla wraps, all sorts of flat breads really”

  1. Anonymous says:

    The tortilla thing is also good as if you are really stuck most supermarkets and garages sell tortilla wrap style sandwiches which you can give bits of the contents and slivers of wrap to your wee one. These are usually a bit less soggy than garage sandwiches and are less white bread tastic.

  2. Anonymous says:

    and So I enter the BLW Forum…
    About the wraps, I bought some wholemeal ones specially for kids from tesco (reduced salts and things) and put some of FunkyDude's leftover, banana, pear and grapes on (like a little pizza) and heated under the grill for 4 minutes. He LOVED it, ate all the fruit bits first (excellent pincher grip) and then proceeded with rubbing the tortilla on his head and then taking a bite! (he does this rubbing the head thing with his spoons too).

  3. Anonymous says:

    Helloooooo Mum2 and Funky Dude, nice to see you here. Good tip about the tortilla, and oddly enough Babybear does not consider an ingredient fully taste-tested unless it has been applied to her scalp, too.

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