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The perfect baby led weaning food, I reckon. Not too messy, easy to prepare and it arrives pre-formed into the Rapley 'chip-shape'. Or the shape of a spear or asparagus, if you will.

The one mystery to asparagus is how you get rid of the woody bit at the bottom, but it's really very simple, you just hold it at both ends and gently bend until it snaps. Keep the top bit.

Uum, apart from that, steam the spears for about 6 minutes (obviously it depends on how thin they are). I over-cooked them to a sludgy green when I first gave them to Babybear but now she happily downs them al dente.

I have dipped them in hummus or cream cheese for her – am still a little frightened of putting her in charge of her own dip, since The Yoghurt Incident (see photo) – but I reckon she prefers them unadulterated. The only downside is that the season is so short. Yeah, you can get them flown in from Kenya all year round, but some of us very occasionally try to think about air miles an' that.

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2 Responses to “Asparagus”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Another first for The Baba. She happily chewed on spears this lunchtime – dipped in cream cheese a la Aitch recipe. Easy to prepare and for the Baba to hold. She was rather squirrel like with these little green sticks. Had to do the mum baby- finger -in -the -mouth to root some out that she had not swallowed/regurged. She also spat a bit out a good hour later after a feed. Shall be interested to see how they come out the other end.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Asparagus was definitely invented for BLW! Baked with some butter. Squirmy wormy loved gumming the stems and sucking out all the juicy insides! The best part – NO mess!

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