The recipes in this section have been contributed by members of the Baby Led Weaning blog community – thank you all very much, loyal forumites. Mind you, this was a while ago now, and we’re looking to re-vamp it (and add some of the zillions of recipes from the forum link below) so can I ask a small favour-ette? If you’re a half-decent photographer and you’re making these dinners, could you take a snap and send it to us? (aitch at baby led weaning dot com)

I know it was only six years ago or so that these went up, but by golly the interweb has changed beyond all recognition, it would be SO nice to have the recipes illustrated now, I think. Back then, I was more worried about pages taking ten years to load.

So, onwards. Choose from the categories to see a list of recipes. If you want a recipe with a particular ingredient – for example, chicken – use the Search box below, and type in “chicken”. You will then get a list of all recipes including chicken. Good luck! (PS the Breaded Chicken is still a firm favourite here).

Or click here to visit the Recipes forum, where some really, really great cooks hang out, dispensing advice and issuing words of comfort over chickpea patties and avocado pasta.