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Photos » Willow eating banana toast

Willow’s fourth-ever meal ever ever ever. And let the records show that it was banana toast.

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2 Responses to “Willow eating banana toast”

  1. Barbara Payne says:

    Please, please do not try and feed your baby toast under 6 months! My grand-daughter nearly choked to death today. She is only 5 months, 2 weeks old and my daughter-in-law thought it would be okay. She was rushed to the doctors after my daughter-in-law managed to dislodge the toast with several hard thumps on the back.
    Be really, really careful. Don’t try rushing babies, its really not worth it.

    • Aitch says:

      Good advice, Barbara, the baby in this photo is over six months. The thing about BLW is that babies aren’t rushed at all, everything happens at their own pace, and the advice currently is not to give gluten before 6 months in any case so that also rules out toast until then. Very glad your grand-daughter is okay, of course, it sounds like your daughter-in-law knew what to do and did it.

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