How did your labour start?

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Re: How did your labour start?

Postby Eli » 17 Feb 2009, 10:34

I remember asking my mw about it - I felt I didn't want to become the "pg woman who cried wolf" but obviously didn't want to be left with just my 15 month-old DD1 in full-blown labour with my DP an hour away and my mum 2.5 hours away My wise and lovely mw said, since I had gone into labour by myself last time (rather than a cs or induction), she thought I would "know" when it was the real thing.

This is my worry, I was in what the hospital so helpfully called 'prelabour' for well over a week before being taken in a induced (was almost 3cm but not quite, had been since 1 week late check despite irregular contractions every for 5 days since, hmm) took 2 days of induction to persuade Munchkin to evacuate the premises and when she finally decided she would make that appearance she really rushed. I really want to go 'natural' this time but am not sure if I know what I'm 'looking' for
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