The school places 2016 hand holding thread

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Re: The school places 2016 hand holding thread

Postby Cofa's Tree » 08 Jun 2016, 09:25

Wow that's a good start! It's (hopefully) going to be relatively easy for us in that Daniel's current pre-school is in the same room as Reception so he's had a year of going to 'school' and getting to know the environment and teachers, and attending the weekly whole school assembly etc. There'll be the change of full day plus very slightly more structured afternoons compared to the current mornings only, but it shouldn't be too big a shock to the theory anyway!
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Re: The school places 2016 hand holding thread

Postby Marrow » 08 Jun 2016, 14:28

C's going into a similar set-up - the foundation stage area (nursery/reception) is slightly separated from the rest of the school, with its own entrance and play area etc. That's one of the reasons we chose this school - it feels like reception really is going to be a transition year, rather than being proper school. And in the short term, she'll be bang in the middle of the age range in the 'room' (actually two rooms with fairly free flow).
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