Repairing stretchy leggings?

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Repairing stretchy leggings?

Postby A_W » 14 Jan 2015, 16:48

What can I patch some gymnastic leggings with? H has a hole in her knee and I was going to get a patch to sew on but would it need to be stretchy? And it would have to be soft too as she will kneel on it? :?
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Re: Repairing stretchy leggings?

Postby RedRum » 14 Jan 2015, 18:40

I would have thought it would probably be ok to not have it stretchy. Bear in mind if you do us a stretchy material you'll need to use a zig zag stitch or similar as otherwise your stitches will snap when it stretches. If you use a woven fabric you won't have to worry about the stitches as the lack of stretch in the patch will mean the stitches aren't stretched either.
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Re: Repairing stretchy leggings?

Postby robyn » 14 Jan 2015, 19:19

Yep, I'd patch with non stretchy.
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