FFP: Maternity Clothing

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FFP: Maternity Clothing

Postby EnigmaFish » 25 Aug 2014, 14:42

I have a good few maternity things ready to be passed on. Some of this stuff was mamapup's, so if the text looks familiar you've seen it before! About half of this is my own stuff.

Actual real maternity stuff:
1) Asda beige t-shirt (10)
2) Mamas and Papas (size 8-10) grey soft cotton shirt with purple stripes - work smart
3) novelty t-shirt that says "baby...loading 80%...coming soon"
4) novelty Ninja t-shirt I bought from Amazon ( to the picture)
5) novelty skelton t-shirt I bought from Amazon (again, to the picture) Mine is navy.
6) Asda (admittedly cheap) black maternity jeans (10) - weird side elastic panel, rather than over-bump arrangement
7) large, comfortable mothercare jeans in light denim
8) H&M (m) long sleeve plain black t-shirt
9) H&M (m) 3/4 sleeve purple and grey long sleeve t-shirt
10) Next (10) leggings - black, long
11) Gap (10) always skinny blue jeans with over the bump cover
12) Top Shop (10) black-ish thin jumper
13) Asda long black strechy skirt (14)
14) Mothercare grey dress (12). This is a lovely dress with a lace panel on the front. I just never bonded with it.

1) H&M (m) long blue and white shirt/dress
2) Asda blue stripey t-shirt (10) with lace detail
3) Primark grey peasant blouse (12)
4) floor-length River Island (12) grey wool coat
5) Primark (14) soft brown sleeveless dress
6) Asda (12) brown jumper. The top is crew neck and tight, but the bottom is flared like a skirt. Works great with a bump. The colours are graduated brown.

If you're interested in anything, let me know what and I'll weigh it and let you know what the postage will cost. I am worried the postage cost might be high, since I'm in Ireland. :?
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