Worried we‘re not going to cope

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Re: Worried we‘re not going to cope

Postby emzit » 10 Jul 2014, 07:38

It is hard but you will be ok. Sounds like your DH is burning the candle at both ends a little. Drives me mad when my DH stays up late to watch sport, he's horrible when tired and I can see writing on te wall, I don't know why he doesn't see it!

A night out sounds a good idea, hope it helps. ((((()))))
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Re: Worried we‘re not going to cope

Postby Kitcameron » 10 Jul 2014, 08:05

My dh is like that as well Emzit. And then I get stressed because I'm lying in bed waiting for him to come to bed counting down how much sleep he's going to get before he has to get up with G. It's going to get even worse from tomorrow as he'll be doing Ds first feed of the day too at about 6.30 as she has a bottle with Gaviscon in first thing. At least when it's just G he didn't have to get up til after 7am usually.

(If it's too bad for him I'll do the first feed as she will take a bottle from me now but I'm not going to tell him that unless I need to lol)
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Re: Worried we‘re not going to cope

Postby monkeydo » 13 Jul 2014, 12:27

He declined going out with his mates saying he was too tired, and seems much better this week. We even managed some initimacy this week so maybe he was just having a bad week and my pregnancy hormones couldn‘t handle it. Fingers crossed.
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Re: Worried we‘re not going to cope

Postby FestiveTidings » 13 Jul 2014, 13:47

I'm glad monkeydo. Pregnancy hormones have a lot to answer for!
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