Grrrr, here we go again.

For all ye runners, shredders, dieters and sneaky custard creamers...

Grrrr, here we go again.

Postby Tintin » 07 Jul 2014, 13:40

5 weeks of inactivity, comfort snacking (when I was losing the will to live with marking exams!) and eating crap because I didn't have time to cook properly has taken its toll.

5.5kg back on :( I haven't checked the damage with a tape measure yet, but I'm sure it will be equally depressing.
Oh well, time to get back into the serious exercise regime I had got into from March-May, couple it with a concerted effort at eating healthily, and let's hope it doesn't take too long to reverse the effects of the last month and then I can hit the final push to where I actually want to be. And then all I have to do is maintain that! Forever. :scream It's scary - and quite disheartening to see how dramatically the weight piled back on after only a month of not exercising!
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Re: Grrrr, here we go again.

Postby sparkling » 07 Jul 2014, 15:25

You can do it!
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Re: Grrrr, here we go again.

Postby sabrina fair » 07 Jul 2014, 19:49

***Waves pompoms***

Go Tintin, go Tintin, go Tintin!
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Re: Grrrr, here we go again.

Postby BigFlower » 07 Jul 2014, 20:35

More pom poms here!

I hear you though, way too easy to put it on :(

Good luck! You can do it!
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