Baby Stuff - what to reuse or to buy new?

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Re: Baby Stuff - what to reuse or to buy new?

Postby Spanner » 08 Jan 2014, 18:36

Wah, I have lent so much baby stuff to friends I can't even remember where things are! On the other hand a friend with an 8 month old has passed on lots of baby grows, a playmat, some barely used bottles and a lovely wooden rocking crib. For the mattress I am unzipping the top layer ours has and washing at hot temperature rather than replace.

I think we need to fork out for a new car seat as our new car has isofix which I think will be much easier to use with 2 older children on either side! I plan to get a new maclaren xt to use from 3 months so need to source a lie flat pram from another friend for the first few weeks. Or possibly get a new cocoon for our ancient phil and teds instead.

Eek, this is really happening!
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