I heart BLW

Oh, we're done with all that vegetable-steaming and mess, our children are cutlery-wielding, spaghetti-chomping angels... at least some of the time.

I heart BLW

Postby welovepresents » 10 Mar 2013, 22:16

We were at a friend of friend's house the other day. The 3 yo didn't want to eat something and the mother became incredibly angry about it, picked up her child who had started playing, plonked her back quite roughly in the seat and started shoving food in. Steam was coming out of the mother's ears and child was v unhappy. When we left my DH said "I just want to say you've done an amazing thing picking BLW for DD. I'm so glad we went down that route and have avoided all those horrible battles". SO AM I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Re: I heart BLW

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 10 Mar 2013, 22:24

Yay for BLW! (But don't be too hard on your fiend, three year olds are little buggers who can push your buttons like you wouldn't believe...)
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Re: I heart BLW

Postby Frey&TabsMummy » 15 Mar 2013, 10:13

so lovely that your hubby is so pleased you blw! But like pp said, don't be too hard on your friend, everyone has the odd food battle, my 4 yr old dd has always been a great eater, but this last 6 moths she has got a bit more opinionated, lol!
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Re: I heart BLW

Postby junglewonderland » 15 Mar 2013, 13:17

I heart BLW too.
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Re: I heart BLW

Postby Gizmo » 15 Mar 2013, 14:51

I ❤ BLW too :)
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