Anyone near Austin, TX?

Some of us get together from time to time in order to talk about the latest issue of Heat magazine, global politics, important developments in lipstick manufacture and, er, Baby-Led Weaning.

Anyone near Austin, TX?

Postby zwizh » 29 Jan 2013, 03:01

I realize this is mainly a European group of gals, but I'd love to know if there's any other Austinites (or even just Texans!) lurking out there in BLW land. :D
I'm Natalie. I'm 25 and live in Austin, TX with my husband and our daughter, Laura.
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Re: Anyone near Austin, TX?

Postby ches » 29 Jan 2013, 03:25

I don't recall any Texans, but my aunt lives in Pflugerville.
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Re: Anyone near Austin, TX?

Postby Debra » 28 Jan 2015, 11:12

I am in Austin as well, and would love to visit with experienced BLWers locally.
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