Fussy eater 21 month old

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Fussy eater 21 month old

Postby lizziebee » 10 Nov 2012, 21:14

Hi peeps.

I've read a couple of other posts from people with fussy toddlers. My 21 month old has suddenly become very fussy and hardly eating a thing (athough nursery tells me she eats her lunch no problem - 3 days a week). She's the opposite of other fussy eaters in that she's on the upper weight percentile rather than bottom so she can afford to lose a little ;) But it seems odd that she's gone from being an absolute star and eating everything and lots of it to now pushing her bowl/plate away at every meal. If I carry on doing something when she starts eating she gets on with it but as soon as I sit down with her, she wants spoon feeding (which we've never done) and throws her bowl/plate at us. She just seems to want to get down. I usually manage to get a yoghurt and some fruit in her just to have her eat something.

Do you think it's just her being an independent strong willed child and making her own decisions or wanting to do something more interested? Or do you think it's because she's still in a high-chair (a wooden one that sits up by the table) and would rather be on a booster seat? Or do you think it could be something else?

We've been so happy with BLW up to now as she's always been so good at eating. it's driving me spare getting meals ready and her not eating (and then not giving me a chance to eat mine either)!! I'm just going with the theory that if she doesn't eat, she'll eventually get hungry and eat!

Thanks.....L :)
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Re: Fussy eater 21 month old

Postby sparkling » 10 Nov 2012, 21:29

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Re: Fussy eater 21 month old

Postby Pics » 10 Nov 2012, 21:34

It's a bit of a repeated thing on here but ...... It's a phase. It is really amazing how little they seemto eat at times but still thrive. If she is hungry, she will eat. If she is very tired and struggling to keep awake, she may struggle and there are times when I have spoonfed both of mine when exhausted. She will be getting really hungry at nursery because of all the activity and stimulation, and on topic that will be joining in with the eating that everyone else is doing.
I wouldn't ditch the highchair, it always makes it harder in my experience. My just two year old really enjoys throwing her bowl, and food. I tend to put it all out of reach, and tell her that it is time for bed, or to eat; but I think I can only get away with this because she has a nap after lunch and after tea, and I don't actually mean it as 'discipline'. I offer her her food back and tell her its for eating. If she wants it, igive it to her, but if not she usually gets down. If she throws again we go through it again. Often she is just not hungry.
On a complety different tack, sometimes she is starving and needs to eat something she loves first, like yogurt, and once her feelings of starvation are satisfied, she goes back and eats the other stuff.
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Re: Fussy eater 21 month old

Postby lizziebee » 10 Nov 2012, 21:51

Thanks so much for your comments. Makes me feel like I'm not going mad or doing something wrong. I must remember it's just a phase! I don't want to do anything that could cause food being an issue as I want her to grow up with the right attitude to food.

Thanks again L :)
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Re: Fussy eater 21 month old

Postby A_W » 10 Nov 2012, 22:22

We have the same here with my ds. It's frustrating but common. Some days he lives off hardly anything and other's he eats more than his 4.5yr old sister. I'd keep the highchair for a while longer as I seem to remember after we ditched that the main problem was getting dd to stay at the table and not get down 15 times a meal.
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