Suffolk/Essex/Cambs Meet ?

Some of us get together from time to time in order to talk about the latest issue of Heat magazine, global politics, important developments in lipstick manufacture and, er, Baby-Led Weaning.

Re: Suffolk/Essex/Cambs Meet ?

Postby gingerbreadhouse » 07 Aug 2012, 19:53

Oh, sorry Joe! I shouldn't have joked with her like that, I wasn't expecting anyone to take it seriously! She has said quite a lot this evening that she likes Joe and wants to see him again.
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Re: Suffolk/Essex/Cambs Meet ?

Postby Charycy » 08 Aug 2012, 12:25

Hello, I'm in Chelmsford. Would like to meet up! Have u met yet?
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Re: Suffolk/Essex/Cambs Meet ?

Postby Morlyte » 08 Aug 2012, 13:56

Hello, yes we met yesterday. Sorry, would have been lovely to meet newcomers. :)
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Re: Suffolk/Essex/Cambs Meet ?

Postby Piegea » 14 Aug 2012, 11:16

Lovely to have you all! E is still talking about Kanga's A - she definitely made an impression. It was such a shame about the weather, but next time hopefully the sun will shine and we can all get covered in sand in the park!
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