Travel & BLW

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Travel & BLW

Postby Antje » 03 May 2012, 16:23

Since DD turned one last week, I think I'm allowed in the toddler forum now! (Although she's not actually toddling yet.)

We're going away for the weekend to a resort with family. I'm a bit nervous at the thought of eating at restaurants for two entire days! What if there aren't enough healthy choices available for my daughter, especially of the low sodium variety? Part of me feels like bringing a stash of sodium-free foods to supplement just in case, but is that overdoing it? Any tips?
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Re: Travel & BLW

Postby Rosie_t_Riveter » 03 May 2012, 16:50

Relax and enjoy! Now she's one she can have a *whole* 2g of sodium and as it's only for two days I would just have a couple of low salt days either side to even things out.
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Re: Travel & BLW

Postby cvious » 03 May 2012, 19:56

is it a place where you can eat fresh produce without worry? If so try to have a lot of that. I order some things on the side that won't have salt like plain rice, tomato, cucumber, boiled eggs, fruit. Anything I see as part of the salads on the menu that I know she likes, they will usually give us. Sometimes they charge way too much for the extras and sometimes they don't charge at all.

And don't worry about 2 days! I didn't notice that at first. We take long trips so I get very annoyed with the restaurant-going, but hotel breakfasts usually have enough variety to find a few things she likes and eat them every morning.
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Re: Travel & BLW

Postby MumtoMonsters » 03 May 2012, 20:14

Don't worry about the salt for two days, but yes, I would (still do) take plenty of known 'safe' foods with me. (Safe as in I know they'll eat it - can't abide hungry children, far too much whining!)

Have a great time!
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Re: Travel & BLW

Postby Aggie » 03 May 2012, 20:25

Don't worry about the salt content for just a couple of days. Enjoy the weekend away!
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Re: Travel & BLW

Postby Antje » 03 May 2012, 22:06

Thanks for the reassurance, everyone! She only turned one last week, so I'm still in the process of figuring out how much sodium is okay now. Up until now we've generally tried to have at least one zero-sodium meal per day if not two. Maybe I should figure out how much 2g is in terms of servings of things we eat regularly.
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