My Dad is dying.

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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby KatGoldLIN » 02 Mar 2012, 19:33

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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby VanillaPickle » 02 Mar 2012, 19:38

I'm sorry ((())).

My Mum died the week DD1 was born. We talk about her a lot and have pictures around the house. We're not religious and explained things in very simple terms, which has evoved over the years and their understanding has changed. Grandma H was too sick for the doctors to be able to help make her better, it was very sad but she is in the sky with the stars and always with us in our hearts. In recent months we've had to elaborate as to where her body is (cremated), where are her bones?, won't she be cold in the sky?, is she hungry?....and most recently as DD has started religion classes at school, we've talked about heaven & angels and that that is what some people believe. For me the most important, and comforting, thing is to talk about her a lot and talk about my happy memories and answer questions truthfully and simply until more detailed responses are needed.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby BLTMama » 02 Mar 2012, 19:39

(((((supermansmum and family))))
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby Weeble » 02 Mar 2012, 19:42

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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby handstand79 » 02 Mar 2012, 19:42

((((())))) I'm so sorry that you're going through all of this. On my phone so can't write more but If you're wanting a book to read with your DS, I think badgers parting gift is the best one I've found.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby CherryPop » 02 Mar 2012, 19:43

{{{{superman'smum and family}}}} x
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby AB&M » 02 Mar 2012, 19:45

Bruno was around that age when FIL was in hospital with cancer issues. We kept to the motto of answer the question at hand with facts. So grandad was poorly & doctors were looking after him. I don't think I would personally go down the route of saying what may happen.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby Morlyte » 02 Mar 2012, 19:49

Also, as a warning for you really, it could spark a "death" phase where they ask a million questions about them dying and you. It broke my heart when Joe was asking when he would die and what would he do when I or dp died but I had to answer and answer as honestly as possible. When he asks about his great grandfather or our dog, we quite often both sit in tears but then again, another valuable message to him that it is ok to cry and be upset about missing the people we love and its ok to talk about them without fear of upsetting anyone.

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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby gingerbreadhouse » 02 Mar 2012, 19:51

I can't add anything, just wanted to say that I'm thinking of you all x
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby welshrarebit » 02 Mar 2012, 19:54

Sorry I don't have any advice to add but I just wanted to say I'm thinking of you and your family (((supermansmum))) x
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby MummaQ » 02 Mar 2012, 20:16

((((((hugs))))) I'm afraid don't really have much to offer as advice.

But your LO might know more about death than you think, they tackle it in Disney films etc. in a nicey nicey way, so probably has a little understanding already.

Either way, it must be a very difficult time. My thoughts go to you and your family xxxxx
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby Noir » 02 Mar 2012, 20:20

Oh yeah, that reminds me- "Up" deals with it. I've not seen it but we've got the book and it addresses the sadness of it and how people go on in your memories.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby Cait » 02 Mar 2012, 20:22

I have no advice to add but just want to say how sorry I am.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby tanzanyte » 02 Mar 2012, 20:23

Big hugs Supermansmum, this must be awful for you and it's hard to explain to little ones something we don't really understand ourselves.
We've been through a similar experience with 2 close family members dying over Christmas. I had to explain to muffin that nan was very old and very poorly in hospital and then when she didn't come home that they were unable to make her better. Muffin did ask what happened to her then and as we're not religious I just explained that I didn't actually know but that some people believe there's nothing and others believe there's a heaven where people go and are able to look down on us, either way she would always live on in our hearts and memories.
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Re: My Dad is dying.

Postby MummyJ » 02 Mar 2012, 20:37

I'm sorry I don't have anything to suggest but just wanted to tell you I'm extremely sorry that you and your family are going through this. Hugs to you. xxx
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