Meal Planning for Dummies

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Re: Meal Planning for Dummies

Postby TwinklinGDecorations » 25 Oct 2010, 22:13

I must go to bed as the Pickle has woken 3 times already with a bit of a cough :( so will read all replies tomorrow, I currently do all my meal planning and shopping lists on the back of envelopes, A4 if I'm luckily enough to have one to hand but a C5 will do at a push!!! But what I wanted to ass was that Ocado are looking to introduce a meal planning bit to their service (I know they have an iPhone app so it might be linked) sometime soon I think. I will definitely be using that.

I always start with something like a whole chicken and plan to have roast/boiled chicken one day, chicken pie/lasagne/pasta the next and then lentils (cooked in chicken stock, made while cooking the chicken) on the 3rd or 4th day. Then I fill in at least 1 red meat day and 1 fish meal every week and top up with things like omelette, pizza, sandwiches, salad etc. I hope that makes sense, I'll try and type one up tomorrow.
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