Edinburgh or Stirling in November?

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Re: Edinburgh or Stirling in November?

Postby busmother » 28 Nov 2013, 21:01

Did you make the 2,30 train, Disco? Sorry, didn't realise quite how late it was or would have come in to at least show you where to go in the station. Though then again, would probably only have slowed you up.
We came home, had a bath and then collapsed in front of Peter Rabbit, wee ones in their pyjamas so they were ready to go straight to bed after tea. And I'm now finally sitting down now, gingerbread for the Christmas fair in the oven.
But we had a lovely day.
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Re: Edinburgh or Stirling in November?

Postby Disco » 29 Nov 2013, 08:39

Yes, we made the train, thanks. Found the platform quickly enough.

S has just woken up now and 8.30, he was obviously tired after yesterday. I ended up working till after 10.30 on some damn dress hem. Its playing silly buggers :? I'm knackered.

Good luck both of you with your fairs today.
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