Anyone in Inverness?

Some of us get together from time to time in order to talk about the latest issue of Heat magazine, global politics, important developments in lipstick manufacture and, er, Baby-Led Weaning.

Anyone in Inverness?

Postby bigcatmaniac » 31 Mar 2013, 20:16

I'll be home in Inverness in a couple of weeks. Would be happy to meet any highland BLWers when I am up there. We're there 10th to 15th April. I know very few people doing BLW among my circle of friends (only one other person in fact). HV was useless at finding someone local for me to connect with, and the Cardiff group doesn't seem to have met for a while. Anyway - as it's quite far to get from Sneck to any of the central Scotland meet ups, I just thought I'd put the feelers out there for an Inverness meet up.


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