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Is anyone in Ipswich or Suffolk?

PostPosted: 28 Feb 2008, 10:27
by Morlyte

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2008, 08:33
by cestlador

PostPosted: 08 Mar 2008, 08:43
by Morlyte

PostPosted: 07 Apr 2008, 11:37
by Monsty

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 06:51
by Morlyte
Oo Monique, you're in Ipswich!!! *gasps*

Which side of Ippy are you? Im close to town in the Southern part.

PostPosted: 08 Apr 2008, 07:26
by Monsty
Hi morlyte,

I'm close to town as well - but a little more southwest, near the Riverside Clinic.

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2008, 21:29
by kladoink
I'm in Norwich too, as far as I can tell there's not many people who've heard of BLW amongst my mummy friends let alone anyone trying it

PostPosted: 16 Apr 2008, 21:32
by Morlyte
My goodness almost enough for a get-together!! :)

PostPosted: 22 Apr 2008, 22:15
by darkpixie
I'm from Bury St Edmunds, so pretty close to Ipswich! I don't know anyone else who's doing blw round here! xx