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Calling all Southcoasters... it's time we met up again!

PostPosted: 10 Jan 2008, 10:16
by Loubylou

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2008, 13:13
by Heidi

Wed or Fri suits us...

Winchester again? Or Southampton would be ok...

H x

PostPosted: 11 Jan 2008, 16:16
by luca'smum

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2008, 10:56
by mellymel
I'm from Southampton and a devoted fan of the BLW way. Ben's now nearly 8 months and I'm really pleased with his progress. He eats whatever my toddler eats, the only downside being she wants to use her hands too.

I'd love to meet and chat BLW but I work Wed-Fri and run a P&T group on a Monday pm.

Mel (and BLWed Ben)

PostPosted: 13 Jan 2008, 22:00
by Puddleduck
Wednesday and Friday for us

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2008, 10:58
by luca'smum
Why don't we do Winchester this time, I'd still like to know where they do good cakes :D We can do Wednesday 29 or Friday 31, not before though.

Mellymel, what a shame, Tuesdays is not really ideal for us.

PostPosted: 14 Jan 2008, 20:16
by Loubylou

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2008, 14:37
by luca'smum

PostPosted: 16 Jan 2008, 08:08
by Loubylou

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2008, 10:10
by Puddleduck

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2008, 22:11
by dancandalic

PostPosted: 22 Jan 2008, 23:13
by Orla's mum

PostPosted: 24 Jan 2008, 16:36
by abisimmonds76

PostPosted: 26 Jan 2008, 18:04
by luca'smum
We can do Southampton as well, I really don't mind, whatever is better for everyone.

PostPosted: 27 Jan 2008, 22:03
by Orla's mum
Hi everyone,
We can do Southampton or Winchester - really don't mind - but hope the meet will still go ahead somewhere this Wednesday so that I'm all geared up in time for Orla reaching 6 months on 11th Feb.