Treatment for Oral thrush

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Treatment for Oral thrush

Postby doodlesmummy » 23 Nov 2007, 10:27

Just an idea that came to me when reading another thread about getting medicine into little ones...if your LO has oral thrush, some GPs will give a nasty very runny solution called nystatin (and you cna also get a cream for mum to put on nips of the same drug to help stop passing back and forth from mum and baby). It is such a nightmare to give to LOs,as it stains bright yello everywhere and is so runny. But if you get your GPto give you Daktarin oral gel, it is orange flavoured, non staining and a thick gel in tube...all you need do then is put a pea sized bit on your little finger and put in bubs LO sucks if off as she likes the ornage taste so much! So much easier!!

Hope that helps someone!

PS no good if thrush is elsewhere (i.e. in nappy area)...only for oral thrush!
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Postby AB&M » 23 Nov 2007, 10:50

We've had both now. Nystatin when Bruno was really tiny and it was easy to get in as he didn't move much. The Daktarin was a nightmare last week. He just didn't want anything going in his mouth (probably because thrush is really painful).
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