Hate cleaning your baby's high chair tray?

Best high chair? (We all know it's the Ikea one really but refusniks will bring us tales of Tripp-Trappery and booster seats). Have you discovered an excellent finger food snack, toothbrush, bib or more importantly A Lipstick That Really Does Stay On?

Hate cleaning your baby's high chair tray?

Postby alchemistmax » 08 Mar 2017, 03:36

If you're a parent who hates cleaning your baby's high chair tray for the thousandth time, let me know!

My family has really loved the BLW approach from the beginning and have read all the books and cook weekly from the Cookbook. Our baby loves it, but it's super messy!

I have an idea for something that could save some of the cleaning time and hassle, but first I'm curious to know if others share this pain of cleaning the tray 3+ times a day.
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